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Yellow and Orange !!!

(The music of colors / Blue Planet, Songs for Mother Earth. CD2)

Refuge, The Art of protecting the Forest! Get this beautiful Book with CD included in our Online Store!

Next Projects

Flower Songbook - Launch 2022

Music-Natural Route I - Lipor Ecological Trail - Launch 2022

Popular Imaginary - Launch 2022

Milky Way Songbook - Launch 2023

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Have you ever hugged a tree? Have you ever sung by the sea? Do you want to discover the magic of singing for Nature? Singing and Dancing for Nature is the same as loving and caring for it! As important as knowing how to recycle, reuse, save energy ... is to nurture the feeling of love for trees, rivers, seas ... In NOVATERRA, you find a place to celebrate life - a place to express your love for Mother Earth! A place where, at each concert, worlds of pure harmony between human beings and Nature are created!

We have Choral Activity for all ages! Come sing with us!

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