Meditação pelo Planeta Terra

The first Meditation for Planet Earth took place on December 21, 2014. It is a monthly event in which the voice is assumed as a vehicle of universal love for Mother Earth.

Bearing in mind the notion that, just as the Planet has an influence on the human being, the human being also has an influence on the Planet, sacred mantras, such as om mani padme hum or Abwoon D'Bashmaya, are used to generate and nourish our intention of pure love for the Earth.

In meditation, Mother Earth, as her name implies, is contemplated as a Living Entity, her bio-dynamic principles are, therefore, impregnated with a soul, and it is to this soul that the voice is dedicated, in the sense of loving her. , heal and strengthen. Then having the voice and the power of intention as keys, we meditate through the chanting of mantras, energizing the water, which is then fully delivered to nature.

Gratitude to the Marabô Space that hosted the initial phase

of Meditation for Planet Earth!

Since December 2016, meditation has been taking place at the Rio Tinto Cultural Center. Meditation dates are scheduled monthly and posted on social media.

Meditation for Planet Earth is guided by Ana Maria Pinto.

For meditation you need a glass bottle with water, a candle and a pillow.