Studio Garden da Novaterra

The Garden Studio of Novaterra is an interconnection of spaces in nature for artistic creation and album recording, specially designed for children. Divided into two components, artistic residency and recording, it aims to provide those who create / record an experience of deep contact with nature.

Artistic residence

Quinta do Vilar - Armamar

Since 2019, Novaterra has held artistic residencies at Quinta do Vilar, creating a bond of love with this poetic place, cared for by the generous hand of our friend Maria Bernardo! This is a place on the top of the mountain, which invites you to contemplate. Many of the songs from the project "Dialogues of Trees", "Cancioneiro dos Animais" and "Cancioneiro das Flores" were written here. Several workshops and Retiro da Voz were also held.

Music Album Recording

Quinta do Rabaçal - Aldeia de Midões

The magical place where the river sings and peace is heard as a melody, Quinta do Rabaçal is the perfect place to give wings to dreams, here the album "Cancioneiro das Flores" will be recorded in September 2021! Choirs will not only have the experience in the studio, but also experience this beautiful place! Novaterra appreciates the blessing of being able to record your music in such a special place!

Upcoming productions

Cancioneiro das Flores - Launch in 2022

Music-Natural Route I - Lipor Ecological Trail - Launch 2022

Popular Imaginary - Launch 2022

Milky Way Cancioneiro - Launch 2023

The Novaterra Library

Novaterra intends to create at least 2 record works dedicated to Mother Earth and her wonders per year! We are therefore building an archive where children can feel the magic of living in deep connection with nature through artistic expression.

Our Books / Music Albums involve the following aspects:

-Literary creation - Poetry and Pedagogical Didactic Content

- Musical Creation

- Illustration

- Scientific complement