Nature is the only book that offers valuable content in all its leaves.. J. W. Goethe

Meditative Practices at school!

Novaterra, Associação Cultural Arte e Ambiente created a project to integrate meditative practices in the school, with the main objective of developing the concentration capacity of young people, as well as the distribution of tools for exploring meditative practices by teachers.

Some of the effects of meditative practices, which have already been analyzed and scientifically proven, are:

-Stress reduction

- Improvement of the cardiovascular system

- Improvement in concentration

- Acceleration of the brain's potential processing capacity

The integration of the project "Meditative practices at school" can take place in various formats, according to the nature of the school. The two essential points are:

1.Informative lecture for students and teachers about the importance and effects of meditation.

2. Conducting 10-minute meditation sessions (minimum).

Meditative practices include:

-Anapana Meditation - focus on breathing

- Meditative movement

- Sensory meditation

- Guided meditation

Meditative practice sessions are conducted by Ana Maria Pinto.

Open Class

The discovery of the voice through its most primordial sonority allows us to explore what we call the natural body, that is, the body that IS the song itself. We thus invite you to experiment with the Wisdom of the Body, exploring your sensations when you sing and move, seeking inspiration from the forces of nature present in indigenous songs and African dances and using specific techniques. The consequence of this experimentation is the immediate and profound connection with nature, Ours and Earth. This is our proposal: if the body feels and is aware that it IS nature itself, it is up to its sensitivity to protect it.

Points to work:

1 - Vocal expression (singing-voice class) from the telluric sounds (sounds associated with the natural sounds of the earth)

2 - Body expression (dance class - body) merging imagination and body, a connection point is established with the tree, the bird, the river or the sea ... a connection with the universe of nature.

3 - Discussion on the importance of environmental awareness and guided improvisation on the natural world. (voice and body)

4 - Learning of African and indigenous songs (joint work between voice and body).


The first Mensageiros Project took place at the Porto Music Conservatory as part of the 100,000 Trees for the Future Project. The work started in January and continued until June (one hour a week) for the creation of a concert called "Os Messageiros da Árvore". This resulted in The Songbook of the Tree, songs composed for the poems written by the children inspired by the tree. The presentation in public of the work in the form of a concert, allows the discovery and development of artistic and creative skills in children, as well as the awareness of art as a tool for active participation in society. The movements, poems and texts sung aim mainly at creating an emotional bond with Planet Earth for a harmonious future between human beings and nature. With Ana Maria Pinto.

The work is carried out in four phases:

1. Writing poems inspired by nature (creative writing for children)

2. Song composition from these poems

3. Creation of a show (singing and movement) with the children.

4. Public presentation.

Duration: 3 to 6 months (one hour a week with final concert)