Classic meets Africa

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Classic meets Africa, a project created in 2015 by Ana Maria Pinto with the collaboration of Joana Peres, Eliseu Silva, Miguel Gullander and Zé Beato, is one of the projects of Novaterra, Associação Cultural Arte e Ambiente, which aims to create bridges between distant worlds , but that once in contact they strengthen each other. The encounter of classical music with African dances reveals an extraordinary intercultural sharing space in which the whole movement is a lever for change, one that rhymes with dance. A project that challenges the artist and the public itself, with the indelible traces of classical music, the pure gestures and the breathtaking energy of African dances.

During the 2015/2016 academic period, 8 concerts were held with the participation of the Bonjóia Youth Orchestra, the Allatantou Dance Company, Ana Maria Pinto and Zé Beato (Xinganje and Kaviula), as well as a Female Vocal Ensemble. The concerts were held at Rivoli, Teatro do Campo Alegre, Municipal Auditorium of Gondomar, Municipal Auditorium of Vila Nova de Gaia, Palace of Arts, at the Grouping of Schools of the Siege and at the Cupertino Miranda Foundation. Classic meets Africa was also present at the Festival "Africa shows itself" at the Almeida Garrett Library in October 2016.

In the genesis of the Classic meets Africa project is the piece for Orchestra, Female Vocal Ensemble, African Percussion and Capoeira entitled "A Dança de Xinganje e Kaviula" composed by Ana Maria Pinto in the summer of 2015. The piece is divided into 5 parts:

- Presentation of Xinganje - Orchestra, Piano, African Percussion and Dancer

- Presentation of Kaviula - Piano and Ballerina

- We came from the stars in the sky of Africa - Xinganje and Kaviula (voices), Voices on stage and voices from the audience.

- Xinganje and Kaviula Meeting - Orchestra, Piano, African Percussion and Dancers

- Worlds within worlds - Ginga that plays - Orchestra, Piano, Female Vocal Ensemble, African Percussion, Capoeira and Dancers.

One of the objectives of the Classic meets Africa project is to order works based on the fusion of classical music and African rhythmic expressions. The composers Ana Maria Pinto, Luís Costa, Nádia de Carvalho and Isabel da Rocha have collaborated with the project so far.