Novaterra, Associação Cultural Arte e Ambiente is headquartered at the Rio Tinto Cultural Center, with the support of the Municipality of Gondomar.

Novaterra created a partnership with Soham - Yoga Studio in Rio Tinto, located 5 minutes walk from our headquarters, in order to promote Yoga and this beautiful space, as a beneficial practice for the body and soul!

Manuel Sousa Couple Square 55

Contact: 916 007 600

33 concerts have already been held in partnership with the Marionetas Theater in Mandrágora with the project "O Refúgio" in Gondomar and in the municipality of Mealhada.

Attendance at all Novaterra events, selling handicrafts from the educational project to support children in Kibera.

Since 2015, a partnership has been established with Allantantou, Associação Cultural. Classic meets Africa is the main project of this partnership. Novaterra's concerts largely rely on the participation of Allatantou!

At Quinta do Vilar in the Douro Valley, choral singing workshops are held, as well as Holiday Colonies in a place surrounded by Nature, in the heart of the Douro Wine Region.